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Pinot Painting

Become a Pinot Painting Party Venue!

A unique way to bring in more customers

How would you like to bring in new customers to your restaurant or bar? Are you looking for a fun and easy way to bring in new business on a weekly basis? Do you have a slow evening that would benefit from a new inflow of customers on a regular basis?

Pinot Painting, L.L.C. is looking for venues in the Quad Cities area to host painting parties on a weekly basis.


Space large enough to seat up to 20 people for painting, and a commitment for a regular schedule once things get going.

Our customers eat and drink before, during and after painting, so having a venue that serves food and drinks is a win-win situation!

We use water soluble acrylic paints and plastic covers for tables. Parties last between 2-3 hours, plus setup and cleanup.

Cost to Venue

$0 - There is no cost for a venue to host a Pinot Painting party.

Benefit to Venue

New customers!

Returning customers!

Our customers will talk about your venue to their friends and families, supplying you with free goodwill advertising!

What can I expect?

A group of fun-loving people entering your establishment on a regular basis, who will order food and drink. You don't have to worry about setup or cleanup of the painting session, only for the food and beverages ordered.

Do you take pictures?

Yes, our instructor and/or assistant will be taking pictures throughout the event. When we are finished painting, a group picture will be taken with everyone holding their masterpieces. Some of these pictures will be posted on our website and our FaceBook page. Some may be used on our brochure. The name of your establishment will be printed along with the pictures.

What do I do to become a Pinot Painting Party Venue?

Call Chris at (563) 343-4806


Send an email to Chris@PinotPainting.com

Fill out form for information on becoming a Pinot Painting Party Venue!

Become A Painting Party Venue